January 19, 2019

Uninstall McAfee – McAfee.com/Activate – McAfee Uninstall

McAfee.com/Activate – Many believe that McAfee is the best antivirus software for data protection. Yet, the security software becomes the cause of trouble at times. As observed in many cases, the security program slows down a computer’s speed, impairs performance, abruptly crashes running tasks and windows, and causes other ill effects too.

To get rid of such and more issues, users prefer to uninstall McAfee from their devices. Apparently, not everyone does it correctly.

DOs & Don’ts while you Uninstall McAfee

  • Do not delete any file from the source folder of C drive (any driver where you saved the McAfee installation package.)
  • If you did delete any file, recover it, or you will face errors during McAfee uninstall
  • Remove your account from mcafee.com/activate
  • End any running task of McAfee and close its interface or windows
  • Do not interrupt McAfee uninstall task while it running to avoid errors
  • Do not shut down/ power off the computer meanwhile

Errors that make you uninstall McAfee from your PC:

  • Slow performance of the system
  • Abruptly crashing down of windows and tabs
  • Poor internet surfing experience
  • Software conflicts

Quick steps to uninstall McAfee

(Please note that the steps may vary depending on your Windows operating system)

  1. Press Start/ Windows button
  2. Go to Settings/ Control panel
  3. Select System/ Programs
  4. Click Apps & features / Programs & Features
  5. From the directory of available software, select McAfee activate
  6. Click Uninstall McAfee
  7. Confirm your action by clicking OK
  8. Wait until the software uninstalls completely

You completely uninstall McAfee from your computer. Since you still have an active account on mcafee.com/activate or McAfee server, you will receive notifications and updates on your system. In fact, when you start to surf the internet, you may see McAfee pop-up.

How to turn off McAfee notifications

(Please note that the steps below are for Chrome web browser)

  1. Open Chrome web browser
  2. Opposite to the address bar, click-right on more option icon
  3. From the menu, click settings
  4. If you do not see notifications, click more options
  5. Disable or block McAfee notification

Don’t want to use McAfee at all? Deactivate your mcafee.com/activate account

  1. Go to www.mcafee.com/activate
  2. Click on the McAfee icon on the from the top section of the page
  3. Go to McAfee my account
  4. Select Deactivate option
  5. Pick an option for deactivating your mcafee.com/activate account, if asked

In case of any trouble, you can get in touch with a support provider and know steps to get rid of McAfee errors and issues.

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