October 5, 2018

McAfee Activation Code | McAfee 25 Digit Activation Code

McAfee.com/Activate – Protecting all your devices against the viruses, phishing scams, online frauds, Trojan Horses, and the cyber criminals is the need of the hour. This protection means regularly scanning your files & software, blocking the suspicious website or links, downloading only the safe email attachments, and installing a McAfee antivirus on your device. But the installation alone is not enough, you need a McAfee Activation code to activate the antivirus.

For the activation, you need to redeem the McAfee activation code which further depends on how you have purchased your McAfee subscription. In other words, steps for McAfee activation code redemption are entirely different in these two cases: offline and online purchase.

What is a McAfee Activation code?

A McAfee Activation code is a 25-digit unique key that is required for downloading your purchased McAfee subscription via mcafee.com/activate and then activating the same. In case of an invalid McAfee product key, you won’t be able to download the McAfee antivirus. This license key is also required for re-installing the McAfee subscription on a new or the same computer system.

Steps to McAfee activation code (Online Purchase)

  1. Log in to the email ID associated with your McAfee my account
  2. Find the order confirmation email from McAfee
  3. Open the email to check the 25-digit McAfee product key
  4. Don’t share this with anyone

Steps to McAfee activation code (Offline Purchase)

  1. Open the McAfee package you have purchased from an authorized retail store
  2. You will find a McAfee retail card in it
  3. Check the back side of the card to redeem McAfee activation code

Why McAfee activation code is required?

McAfee activation code holds great importance in downloading and activating the McAfee antivirus. It signifies the originality and creditability of an antivirus. Additionally, if your antivirus is activated using a valid key, it is also liable for all new updates McAfee launches time to time.  Be it McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee VirusScan or McAfee Antivirus Plus, you will get an activation code for every subscription. This code is required to perform the following process:

  • To download McAfee activate
  • To activate McAfee subscription
  • To reinstall McAfee subscription

How to Activate McAfee using a McAfee Activation code?

Online Purchase

  1. Visit www.mcafee.com/activate
  2. Enter your McAfee product key
  3. Log in to your McAfee.com/myaccount
  4. Click Download
  5. Now, double-click the downloaded file to begin installation
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions
  7. Go through the terms and conditions
  8. Finish the installation process
  9. Now, open the installed McAfee antivirus
  10. From the menu, go to subscription
  11. Enter the McAfee activation key to activate
  12. Your device is now secured!

Offline Purchase

  1. Check the back side of the retail card for the instructions
  2. Choose your preferred language and country
  3. Enter the McAfee activation code to download
  4. Now proceed to installation and activation

“Invalid McAfee Activation Code” or “McAfee Activation Code Not Working”

If you see any of these errors during McAfee Activate, McAfee Download or McAfee install then re-check your activation code. Make sure you have entered the right product key from left to right. Also, verify that this is a fresh key that had never been used to activate any other McAfee subscription. If everything seems fine, then clear cache memory of the browser and then try entering the key again. This will fix out the issue. However, if it is still there then contact McAfee customer support team to receive the immediate support services from a certified technician.

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