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Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download 2020

For lovers of fighting and team play games, here is the free Fire game with the highest rating on Google Play and the most downloaded.

Young people, especially teenagers, are now heading to war and competition games because of their excitement and breaking boredom.

Hacked Free Fire game has been updated to make it fit most Android devices, whether you play it on smartphones or tablets.

You can play the game at any age, there are no serious restrictions. This game is a great way to test your skills. On his way, the player will face many problems and difficulties, but he will help them to become stronger so that in the future you will become a better player. Set the highest goals, try to achieve them, and if something does not succeed immediately, do not despair, go ahead and you will succeed.

The graphics in the game deserve special attention, all the details are well-designed, high-quality and interesting models. Large selection of firearms: automatic rifles, shotguns, pistols, shotguns. The developers have paid special attention to the game’s physics, it is realistic that adds a special charm to the game. Install Free Fire – Battlegrounds, try to prove to the whole world that you are a good opponent and can become the best.


Definition of Free Fire hacked game

It is a game of survival games spread recently such as PUBG and Fort Knight, at the beginning of the game you will find yourself landing on the surface of its islands with forty-nine other players.

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You have to collect weapons and equipment to eliminate your enemies, your only goal is to kill all players and get the first place.
The duration of the turn in Frifire does not exceed fifteen minutes, during which you have to master the arts of escaping shots, repel attacks and win in the end to raise your level in the game.


Free Fire game size

The Freefire game is characterized by its appropriate size with all devices, so you do not have to empty your phone space before downloading it, as when you download the game file, you find that its size does not exceed three hundred and sixty megabytes.

Play options in Free Fire

There are three systems of playing in Frifire, and you have to choose the most suitable for you among them, first the choice of solo, with us you will face the forty-nine players alone without being restricted to a team.

Rely on yourself to choose the most suitable weapon and compose solid plans to crush the enemies in the end.

As for the second choice, it is duo, which means that you play in doubles, not singles, so you must choose one of your friends to participate in the completion of the important task and eliminate the remaining forty-eight players.

The last option is to play in the squad manner, which is playing with a team of four, and this option increases the fun of the game, as cooperation between team members to escape shots and talk together via voice chat during the game makes making plans easy and winning first place is not difficult.

Download the game now and enjoy the high-resolution graphics that describe the details of weapons and bullets, in addition to the soundtrack that will transport you to another world of fun, excitement and action.


Garena Free Fire game features

  • The game is free and you don’t need to pay anything to download it to your device.
  • Its size is very suitable for smartphones and tablets, and if you want to download it to your computer, you will also find easy movements and simple and clear controls on the keyboard.
  • The store provides you with different costume options and developing weapons, so you only have to charge your credit card and buy what you like from inside the store.
  • Free Fire has a number of different weapons that help you in sniping your enemies n far away, and all the weapons are simulated nature and exist of the same shape on the ground.
  • Have fun forming a team with your friends, whether you are two or four, and test your skills in creating plans and tactics that enable you to hit all players and get first place.
  • Free Fire provides a number of different maps that you can play in, ranging from easy to difficult. Choose what suits you best and start playing immediately.
  • The duration of the role that does not exceed fifteen minutes makes playing fun and not boring, and also the relatively small number of players makes the task of winning not impossible, unlike other games such as PUBG, the number of players is doubled, which is a hundred games. You have to eliminate them all in order to be able to win.
  • Group play allows you to meet new friends from all over the world, expand your circle of acquaintances, and strengthen your relationships with old friends.


  1. Garena Free Fire is network game and requires an internet connection
  2. To update the game, you always need to download the installer and the new data file [with the previous version data not being upgraded to a new version].
  3. If your device is not supported in performance error, you should know that the game does not support your device and you should go to similar games!

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