How to Download McAfee WebAdvisor for free?

Continuously increasing internet scams, frauds, and hacking attacks demand a computer user to get highly advanced security solutions that can not only protect their device but also maintain the privacy of their sensitive data. To secure your digital footprints, McAfee offers every individual and businesses a large gamut of anti-viruses. McAfee WebAdvisor is a specialized program offered by this worldwide popular cybersecurity brand. The software regularly monitors your web activities and makes sure that you don’t end up becoming a victim of the cyber crooks.


Available in both free and premium versions, McAfee WebAdvisor can be easily downloaded from The dedicated security program safeguards you from all kinds of attacks such as malware and phishing. While performing a variety of security checks, WebAdvisor doesn’t affect your system’s performance.

Steps to Download McAfee WebAdvisor for free

  1. Visit the official website of McAfee and choose Products
  2. Scroll down and click the right arrow given with McAfee WebAdvisor
  3. Click Free Download
  4. This will download the McAfee Activate file for WebAdvisor
  5. After the download finishes, Run .exe file to begin installation
  6. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  7. Click Install in the end
  8. Wait until this process finishes!

Please note that for free or trial McAfee WebAdvisor (active for 30 days only), you don’t need a McAfee activation code for performing the activation process via mcafee activate. After the successful installation, you can avail all exciting features of WebAdvisor including the following:

Misclick Protection

It automatically blocks up the suspicious website as soon as you click a malicious click accidentally.

Typo Protection

It takes you to the right website in case you have made a minor mistake in entering the web URL of the website you are attempting to visit.

Safer Downloads

Before allowing you to download any software or email attachment, McAfee WebAdvisor scans the file or the software to prevent your device from all kinds of virus infections and hacking attacks. It immediately sends an alert upon detecting a virus.

Multiple Security Checks

Before you go online to surf your favorite website or to search anything, McAfee WebAdvisor verifies if your firewall and anti-virus are activated or not.

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