Why digital footprint plays pivotal role in your life

Let’s first dig into what is digital footprint:  Digital Footprint is a series of data that we create while working on the internet. It can be the websites we visit, emails which we open or send, likes or comments in the social media, post to promote yourself with resumes in certain professional profiles, and other information as such which we provide to the online services.

To be more specific on the digital footprint is the data series which we subconsciously leave on online. Suppose, when we visit any website, the web server may get into our IP address. This will provide them with all the information they needed like internet service provider we’re using, our location, and many such information’s which we’re unaware of.

Although the IP address may get change but it still counts in as the digital footprint. This can be termed as ‘passive digital footprint’ and another example of it is our search engines. That’s why the digital footprints are needed to be handled with care.

Nowadays, colleges and universities prefer to check online and get some basic knowledge about the candidate before giving them admission. Employers before appointing or giving promotions to any employees go through their online presence.

Having a cynical impact on online media is less bad than having no presence at all. So drop down your decision to delete accounts from social media or making everything thing in private mode (excluding photos, videos of your own or your dear ones).

In this digital era, we want or look forward to meet and talk with someone who has a good online reputation in the digital footprint, so do the employers.

Here, are some tips to consider while handling your digital footprint and online reputation-

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Start with the online awareness at an early stage

For parents, if you consider giving phones to your kids at an early age is cool then making them aware about the impact of their online reputation, is your duty. Discuss with your kids and don’t forget to install McAfee parental Control (you can download it from www.McAfee.com/Activate on their devices, to protect them from the existing as well as upcoming online threats.

Be careful while hitting the ‘Share’ button on social media

Social media has its own boon and bane factoron one hand, it makes us aware of the surrounding which media fails to broadcast, spreads social awareness, and many more. On the other hand, it entertains the absurdity, lame posts, and many other worst things. So be careful what you share on your social accounts.

Sometimes, you may get into with hacking issue on your social media. Someone may access your social media profile if they get your password accidentally or your password was weak enough to break it. To stay protected on online or internet, go for McAfee activate, which you can download it by visiting the official website of it.

Turn off your tagging option

If you are concerned about your online reputation and digital a footprint that doesn’t mean the whole world around are in the same mindset. Getting tagged in some wrong post or videos can put a wrong impression on others. So it is recommended to turn off your tagging option in social media.

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