Have data in your McAfee Personal Locker? Here is how you can move it File Lock!

McAfee Personal Locker, the cloud storage solution that includes biometric log on to ensure secure online file storage. The specialized security program will sooner become inaccessible, which is a sign that you should transfer your data from McAfee Personal Locker to an equally safer place, probably McAfee File Lock. Moving the data in-time will help you avoid the loss of your confidential data. Moreover, transferring it to File Lock, which is accessible via mcafee.com/activate, will also save your precious time to a great extent. To initiate this process, you need to follow three steps:


  1. Download all your files from McAfee Personal Locker
  2. Set up the File Lock
  3. Choose the files you want to add to this File Lock

Please note that if you have not backed up your files yet and uninstalled the Personal Locker then install it first and then retrieve it by following these instructions:

For Installing McAfee Personal Locker on Windows

  1. Access your McAfee account by entering your registered ID and password
  2. Go to My Apps and then choose McAfee LiveSafe from the drop-down list
  3. Now, select Keep Your Files Safe
  4. Hit Download to view the Windows App Store
  5. Download McAfee Central from the store
  6. Enter your login ID and password to sign in to McAfee Central Installer
  7. Choose the tile named as Personal Locker
  8. Go through the instructions displayed on the screen to finish the installation process

For Installing McAfee Personal Locker on Mobile Device

  1. Access your McAfee account and tap McAfee LiveSafe from My Apps section
  2. Go to Keep Your Files Safe and then tap Send Link
  3. You will now see an SMS tab
  4. Enter your country along with the Phone number
  5. Upon receiving the text, open your browser
  6. Now tap the Personal Locker to begin downloading the Personal Locker from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  7. After the McAfee application, i.e. Personal Locker gets installed, open it
  8. Sign in by entering your Biometrics on your 6-digit PIN
  9. Download the files on your mobile device

After completing the installation, transferring your files to File Lock is next. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open McAfee LiveSafe that you have installed using McAfee LiveSafe
  2. Hit the File Lock tab on the Privacy tab
  3. Install File Lock
  4. Open it and follow the onscreen instructions to create a vault
    • Create 3 unique security questions
    • Now, set a secure password and name the vault
  5. Search the files that you have downloaded from Personal Locker
  6. Drag and drop the selected files into the newly created vault
  7. Wait until the transfer process completes

Now, you can check these files anytime just by logging in to the File Lock using your registered email ID and password. For further information or queries, call the McAfee Activate customer support number.


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