Be Aware! Android/TimpDoor Turns Androids into Cryptic Proxies

McAfee has recently discovered a new variant of phishing attack based on internet SMS focusing on users mainly in the US. The attempt is recorded to be successful and manipulative that makes uses to install malware named Android/TimeDoor on their devices. Once the malicious app installs on the Android, it effectively turns the device into a hardware-based entrance for networks (


The major distribution server linked to the attacks that have been taking place for the past few months already holds nearly 26 APKs files (Android application package) for malicious app record named ‘US’. As per McAfee’s observations, the server still seems to be active.

How does Android/TimeDoor work?

The most recent version of the SMS comprises of the audio clip along with a message that shows that an application is required to be downloaded to open and check new audio messages that the user has received. As the user downloads and installs the app, the victim will be enabled to open those illicit and fake messages.

In the meantime, TimpDoor launches a Socks proxy in the background that works to pass on network traffic from a third-party server through an encrypted connection via a private shell tunnel. This mainly opens the access for networks that are actively interconnected without the prospect of triggering network security actions.

Along with publishing the report, the cybersecurity experts suggest installing McAfee activate on android phones to block such incoming messages as the antivirus app diagnose the link and other attachment in the message and also analyze the source of the sender.

Need an active account on

With a few simple steps, you can totally protect your device from such attacks. As soon as you install McAfee activate on your mobile phone, you need to synchronize your account on using credentials by which you purchased the subscription. Subsequently, allow the access and turn on internet security features, so the security app can determine malicious websites and apps.

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