- Download and Install McAfee Activate - – McAfee antivirus sets security layers on digital devices to protect them against cyber risks and other ill practices made by hackers to breach into your personal data. For all such active measures, it is mandatory to have a prime version of the security software. Expired version of the software does not help in protecting the device and data.

If you have an active subscription of McAfee antivirus for multiple devices, you are eligible to use the same subscription on devices of your choice. Depending on your subscription type, McAfee activate helps you secure computers and mobile devices, which not only blocks the door for online threats but also improves performance speed.In order to stay updated with the latest technology, users frequently change their handy gadgets, which also need a quality protection. Complications come across the way when you switch to a new mobile or computer. Providentially, McAfee antivirus allows its uses to transfer the subscription to the new device.

Now, to transfer the license, you need to execute manual instructions as you cannot just uninstall and reinstall the software. Doing this can cause fatal errors, as the active security product keeps the track of all ongoing activity and every detail of the device on which it is installed. To avoid any error while transferring your McAfee license, follow the manuals below.Prior to transferring the license on other devices, you need to access your McAfee account and logout from the device.

Transferring the license of McAfee Activate on a new computer

  1. Start the new computer on which you want to transfer the software license and ad browse for mcafee
  2. When directed on the home page, enter the activation code in the field and submit
  3. On the next page, you will need to login to the existing account. Use the credentials of the account from which you purchased McAfee activate subscription
  4. You will now have the link to download the software on your computer associated with the license keycode you entered. Click ‘Download your software’
  5. Once the file is downloaded, proceed to install the program
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts and the software complete the auto-installation process

You have now successfully transferred the license to a new computer. If any failure occurs, submit the report in the support section of and get the fix.Consecutively, users who want to transfer the license to an android need to go through a different set of instruction as listed here.

Transferring the license of McAfee Activate on a new Android

  1. Sing out from the device from which you are transferring the license and uninstall the software
  2. From the new android phone on which you want to install your McAfee subscription, go to Google play store and search for McAfee for android
  3. Tap on the option as the list appears
  4. Tap to install the app
  5. A license agreement pop-up will appear, mark agree on the checkbox and continue
  6. The app will automatically install and once done, tap on the icon to launch the app on the screen
  7. If you see the login screen, enter the credentials of your registered McAfee account. In case the login page does not appear, expand the menu option and tap to login
  8. From your account, enter your McAfee product key in the field and complete the device verification process

The app is now installed on your new android phone. Run a scan task to make sure the license is working correctly. Please note that a slight change in steps may happen depending on your mobile’s version and other factors. Go for the professional support providers in case you stuck with any issue.

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